New Training Cycle!

So we're just about to get started on a new training cycle for the weightlifting team which comes ahead of a few important competitions in the next two months.

Before that however, (and to the horror of a few of them) I will be putting them through a short two-week transition cycle. The next few weeks of high volume, low intensity will help promote recovery, circulation and hypertrophy of the lifter's muscle. This will help to prepare them for the heavier intensities coming in the next six weeks leading to competition.

This volume training will also help build muscular endurance in our athletes. I feel this could be beneficial (to some degree) for our athletes in competition. There will be times in every lifter's competitive life that they'll be following themselves or closely following another lifter. It might be that they'll have two minutes between attempts or even less and for someone at their max (or beyond their max) every moment of rest is crucial. Being a well conditioned athlete could be the difference of making or missing a third attempt.

The last cycle was great, lots of improvement so let's keep it rollin'.....

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paul medeiros

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paul medeiros