This class is comprised of mobility work, progressive strength training, and brief, varied conditioning.
Each day, the class will focus on full body-lifts, including pushing and pulling work. Think deadlifts, back and front squats, standing press, bench press, power clean, power snatch, etc. We will be putting an emphasis on the lifts for strength training, and focusing on them for several weeks at a time to develop proficiency. 646 Perform is a great class for getting stronger and fitter and increasing your athletic output.



This program is geared towards new and intermediate students of weightlifting in order to develop weightlifting knowledge. Program is also open to experienced lifters looking to compete.
Coaches at 646 will teach the ground level skills and techniques to help increase physical literacy. This means lots of squatting, clean and jerking, snatches and snatch variations, pressing, pulling and more. 


This weightlifting program is for those with experience in Olympic weightlifting and who are looking to compete.
This program looks to further refine the weightlifting movements through a long term cycle based on competition goals. This program is offered to those who have experience and efficiency in the olympic lifts.


For athletes wanting to get stronger, faster & more explosive for Sports (Football, Soccer, Track, Rugby, etc.)
A proper strength training program for youth can increase muscle strength and endurance, help protect muscles and joints from sports-related injuries, improve performance in nearly every sport and develop proper techniques that the athlete can continue to use as they grow older.


646 Weightlifting offers personal training for clients with various needs and goals. We also offer private small group training sessions if you prefer to train with friends and family (at a reduced rate)
Personal training is the best choice when:
• Your goals are very specific, such as preparing for a particular competitive event,
• You’re significantly overweight
• You have no previous exercise experience and have been largely sedentary
• You prefer or require the privacy, personal attention and accountability of one-on-one training